VOTE Beth Morrissette on May 13th 2014
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“Beth Morrissette is a leader, she is committed to the best interests of the Westside Community Schools, she is a team builder and collaborator, she will work hard on behalf of ALL students: these are the reasons we support Beth for the Westside Community Schools Board of Education.” 

Ken and Annie Bird, former Westside Community Schools Superintendent
Beth & Jeff Morrissette with their son, Eddie
Community Commitment: Beth volunteers, participates, and supports her community.

Deep Community Roots: 
A Westside graduate from a family rooted in Westside and Nebraska.
Experience: An education and professional experience to support and benefit Westside education

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Ben & Sarah Arunski
Tom & Amber Baker
Chris & Sue Behr
Brandon & Stacie Benson
Ken & Annie Bird
Kathy Blecha
David & Margaret Boyce
Bette Bremser
Kathy Byrnes
Jordan Delmundo
Ron & Mary Ferdig
Kris Freeman
Erik & Katie Gamerl
Andrew & Amber Gard
Kristine Gerber
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Brit & Jennifer Harrington
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Alan Mackiewicz
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James & Kari Mackiewicz
Dan Mahoney
Judy Mahoney
Gail Matthiessen
Ed & Carrie
Craig & Kris McVea
Mike & Susie Norton
Bob & Judy Perry
R.K. Piper & Sandy Heather
Darin & Gerri Plautz
Erin Porterfield
Jim & Lynnette Puls
Andy & Amy Rikli
Nelson & Eva Rivera
Steve & Carla Rizzo
Steve & Carol Robinson
Jim & Grace Sadler
Andrew & Julie Sebastian
Mike & Andrea Siegel
Les & Doris Sladek
Jim Tangdall
Cindy Thompson
Bill & Angie Thorell
Curt & Kelley Vincentini
Greg & Sheri Vollmer
Deanna Wagner
Kristin Williams
Tim & Amy Zweiback

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